It is our fondest hope to provide the best jazz experience we can for our members and guests.  In that spirit, we offer the following concert tips and suggestions so that the listening experience and enjoyment for all of our attendees is maximized.

  • Just in case, wear or bring a sweater as it may be a bit cool in the room until the hot jazz heats up the place! 
  • Please, please, please – turn off or silence your cell phones, beepers, watch alarms or other noisemakers.  We’ve not yet heard a jazz classic that has a part written for any of these often distracting “instruments”.
  • Please, no video or audio recordings of any of our artists or their music without their pre-approvals.  This protects their individual intellectual property rights.
  • If you’d like to visit with the artists during the break or after the concert, please be very careful in approaching the stage area as there are microphone and sound system cables that could be a tripping hazard.  Waiting until the artists are safely away from the stage is the best plan.
  • Finally, and most importantly….shhhhhhhhhhh!!!  TJW is a concert setting and not a jazz lounge.  We ask that you not talk or whisper during a number so that the others at your table or surrounding tables may enjoy the music fully.  If you have a young child with you, please help them remain quiet.

That’s it….pretty easy!  Now, sit back and enjoy the great jazz as presented by your Topeka Jazz Workshop, Inc.